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How it works

Create Tours

Start by creating your tour inventory - with lots of details or just the essentials. Configure your tours with automatic discounts, blackout dates, or to require approval before booking. After creating your tours, a booking widget on your tour pages will allow your customers to book automatically with the dates and pricing rules you set. Instead of a whole email conversation with every customer for every booking, you'll get just a single email notifying you that you have a new booking!

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Accept Bookings

Once your tours are created, it's time to start accepting bookings! You can customize our automatically-created tour pages to match your site - or use our API to import your tours directly into your own website. Either way, we'll take care of the rest - notifying and reminding you and your customers, creating a voucher for your customer, and even handling cancellations by you or your customers automatically.

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Manage Your Business

We don't just help you automate bookings, we'll also help you manage your business. We summarize all your upcoming tours and bookings for you in an easy-to-read calendar. We also help you keep track of your booking revenue, where your customers are coming from, what your best lead sources are, and more.

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