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How it works

Create Tours

Start by creating your tour inventory - with lots of details or just the essentials. Configure your tours with automatic discounts, blackout dates, or to require approval before booking. After creating your tours, a booking widget on your tour pages will allow your customers to book automatically with the dates and pricing rules you set. Instead of a whole email conversation with every customer for every booking, you'll get just a single email notifying you that you have a new booking!

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Accept Bookings

Once your tours are created, it's time to start accepting bookings! You can customize our automatically-created tour pages to match your site - or use our API to import your tours directly into your own website. Either way, we'll take care of the rest - notifying and reminding you and your customers, creating a voucher for your customer, and even handling cancellations by you or your customers automatically.

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Manage Your Business

We don't just help you automate bookings, we'll also help you manage your business. We summarize all your upcoming tours and bookings for you in an easy-to-read calendar. We also help you keep track of your booking revenue, where your customers are coming from, what your best lead sources are, and more.

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A Few More Reasons to Use Spot

Pricing & Availability Rules

Pricing and availability rules give you the power to determine who can schedule which tour, at what price, and on which dates. Want to provide a discount for large groups over but also increase the booking cutoff and require them to get your approval before booking? We can do that.

quote message

Custom Tours

Custom tours are important for many tour operators. Spotcenter allows you to create custom tour pages that aren't viewable by the public. After creating a custom tour, you can send an email to your customers with a link to the tour page where they can book directly just like any other tour.


Email Templates

Spotcenter sends your customers email when a booking or quote is created or cancelled. You can customize automatically-generated emails with the customer's name, tour dates, the price, your name and more.


Designer Pages

Customize your tour pages to look like the rest of your site. Add your logo and change colors, fonts and other settings with a point-and-click interface that is easy and fast.

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Customer Types

Spotcenter allows you to set different prices and availability for adults, children, seniors, and disabled persons. The booking widget will collect information for each kind of person and apply the rules you set.

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Every customer who books from your tour pages will receive an email pointing them to a page with the details of their booking. They can print a voucher from that page which you can use for customer verification.

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